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The Power Feeder is a woodworking machine mounted to another woodworking machine, usually a shaper, router table or table saw. It is designed to feed stock while keeping your hands away from the blade.


Power Feeders will take your existing woodworking equipment to a higher level of accuracy and efficiency.


The advantages of Power Feeders are:

1. Safety

• Keeps the woodworkers' hands away from the cutters and moving bits

• Prevents kickback due to the feeders pull and hold the stock to the bed of the machine

• Ability to feed narrow stock which is often dangerous with hand feeding

• Reduces physical workload and the risk of injury


2. Efficiency:

• Ability to feed longboard which is hard to perform in one-person shop

• Allows constant feeding at optimal speed

• Ability to provide accurate positioning and improve productivity


3. Consistency:

• Results in quality uniform and smooth cut, plus no pause marks

• Ability to run slightly bowed stock


We have a wide range selection of power feeders to suit your needs, simply provide us your machine brand, model, or size and the length of workpiece, we will recommend the right power feeder for you.


If you want to feed stock shorter than around 12” (304.8mm), you might want to consider the AF04 TRACK FEEDER or DC70 EASY FEEDER.





 Rollers Layout


 5 pulleys with 3 belts

 Φ59 x 60mmW x 7 rollers

 Stock Length

 Designed for shorter stock, the     recommended minimum length of   stock is 7" (178mm). 

 The recommended minimum length of   stock is 5” (127mm), but shorter stock can   be fed depending on the material and   profile.

 Horsepower  750W (1HP)

 500W (2/3HP)


 4/8/10/20 M/min (13/26/33/66 FPM)

 Optional: 3/6/14/28 M/min   (10/20/46/92 FPM)

 Variable Speed: 2-26 M/min (7-86 FPM)




We have distributors/dealers around the world, if you would like to purchase our products, please provide us your country and our distributors/dealers will contact you in a short time.


We suggest mounting the feeder on the outfeed side.


The following two things are important:

  • Make sure that you will be able to move the feed rollers to either the horizontal or vertical position, i.e. to feed the stock between the rollers and the table or the rollers and the fence
  • Mount the power feeder where you can position the feed rollers on either side of the cutterhead



There are multiple reasons causing the chatter. The most common ones are feeding too fast, wheels slipping on the stock or dull cutter.


If encountered chatter, we recommend the following:

  • waxing the bed and fence first
  • clean the feeder rollers, maybe rough them up with sandpaper
  • try to move the power feeder to a slightly different position

You must be able to point the power feeder slightly toward the fence. In other words, the space between the infeed side and the fence should be at least 3-5mm wider than the outfeed side so the feed rollers slightly push the stock against the fence during cutting operations.

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